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Next-Generation Green Skincare

From the wild landscapes of Aotearoa, comes a new wave of science-backed botanical skincare. Harnessing rare oceanic and alpine botanicals and backed by the latest ingredients in cosmeceutical science, RAAIE is redefining luxury skincare.


Photography by William Patino

The Botanicals

RAAIE harnesses the healing alchemy of the natural world. New Zealand’s land, sea and alpine botanicals have learnt to grow underneath some of the highest UV radiation on the planet. Full of resilience and packed with hydrating, brightening, smoothing properties, these plants are uniquely positioned to nourish and heal the skin.

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The Science

We are in awe of New Zealand’s botanicals, but for the best - and fastest - results, we also believe that clean, lab-derived ingredients need to play their role. So, we combine our plant-based ingredients with proven scientific actives that are backed by extensive clinical studies. 

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The Founder

Inspired by the unique power of New Zealand botanicals, Katey teamed up with a team of native ingredient specialists and scientists to select New Zealand’s most active and effective ingredients.

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