Healthy, dewy, glowing skin with the power of New Zealand botanicals

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RAAIE represents a new realm of science-backed botanical skincare. Leading with the antioxidant power of New Zealand botanicals and backed by the latest ingredients in cosmeceutical science, RAAIE is looking to redefine the clean cosmeceutical skincare game.


The Botanicals

RAAIE harnesses the healing alchemy of the natural world, with a focus on New Zealand botanicals

Aotearoa’s land, sea and alpine botanicals are some of the most bio-actively rich in the world. They are uniquely positioned to protect and repair our skin from sun damage because they experience some of the greatest UV exposure on the planet. In response, they produce very high levels of antioxidants.

The Botanicals

We believe the best results come when science and nature are working on the same team.

We are in awe of New Zealand’s botanicals and lean on them heavily throughout our formulas but also believe lab-derived ingredients should play a role in skincare for the best - and fastest – results. Because modern science is pretty incredible, and who doesn’t want to reap the magical, anti-aging benefits of concoctions that have been carefully studied and specially formulated for maximum results?!

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The Science

The Founder

After 15 years working in the creative industry for other high-profile names in luxury beauty, Katey launched her own active botanical skincare brand

Inspired by the unique power of New Zealand botanicals, Katey teamed up with a team of native ingredient specialists and scientists to select New Zealand’s most active and effective ingredients. The result is two elegantly formulated serums designed for visible results.

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