1. It’s made from plants that thrive in the world’s harshest environments

Using extracts from plants that survive in New Zealand’s harsh environments - think artic seabeds and alpine mountain ranges – which produce high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals = healthy, glowing skin!

2. Serums are the heavy-lifters of any skincare regime

Serums have smaller molecules that penetrate your skin and make cellular changes, whereas moisturisers sits on top of the skin to prevent water loss (and cleansers with active ingredients just wash down the drain). Investing in serums with high levels of active ingredients is a pro move that will truly have you noticing a difference to your skin.

3. Refillable bottles and end-to-end sustainability

RAAIE bottles are glass and refillable (simply email collections@raaie.co.nz to arrange a collection from your house when you have 3 or more bottles). We also ensure our ingredients are sustainably produced, have a low impact on the land, and are easily regenerated.

4. Gorgeous vessels to elevate your shelfie

Inspired by sculptural vessels, the glass refillable bottles are minimal, luxurious and will elevate any interior space.

5. The dewy, donut glaze finish on your skin is seriously addictive

The serums smooth onto your skin leaving a dewy, hydrated, bouncy feeling which is an amazing base for make up.