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Amazing, love love love

I adore moonbeam. I use both formulas but adore the results from PM best!!

AM/ PM Set
Karen Bowman

If you want to wake up with soft, hydrated looking skin then the Moon Beam Elixir is the product for you.
Feel the need for extra hydration…follow with a night cream.
If you want a dewy, glowing face throughout the day then you can’t go past the Morning Dew Serum.
These divine products work…period.
At 54 years old I am happy to strut out the door make up free for the first time!

AM/ PM Set
Britt Anderson
Everything RAAIE makes is perfect

I started using the retinol and loved it so ordered the AM/PM set to give the vitamin C serum a try. It sets into the face so nicely and for the first time in several months, I am so confident in my skin. The serums also look beautiful on my bathroom counter - although I wish they would better differentiate the retinol from the vitamin C (maybe a different color bottle or something?) I’m so excited for RAAIE to continue to release incredible products!

AM/ PM Set
Aimee McLean
My skin has never been better

Amazing products, have had lots of compliments on my skin. I am a very low maintenance skin care routine person and this set is perfect

AM/ PM Set
Kristin Seth

Have been using the vitamin c morning, and moonbeam at night. Everyone is commenting on how great I look and how my skin glowing.
Definitely recommend

AM/ PM Set
Natasha Macindoe

The absolute best serums I've ever used! Skin is perpetually smooth and glowing now xx

So buttery, my favourite skincare product!

RAAIE's Yellow Moonbeam Retinal Elixir is the best skincare product I have ever used. It feels creamy and luxurious when applying to the skin, then sinks in leaving a lightweight, buttery soft feel. When I momentarily returned to my previous retinol product, my skin felt tight and dry after only one use. It's incredible that the actives are clearly working overtime to blur fine lines and keep my skin looking youthful and plump, and yet the product is still so gentle and soothing.

A dewy, silky dream

Before incorporating RAAIE's Vitamin C Serum into my morning skincare routine, I only used Niacinamide. I had always been told I was too young to use Vitamin C at 24, and was worried that the switch would reverse the clarifying results I had achieved and not do much for my younger skin. Not only did the Vitamin C Serum maintain the effects I looked for in my Niacinamide, it left my skin silkier, dewier and more radiant. It has a gorgeous botanical smell and the bottle looks and feels like a sacred object - since using RAAIE, I treasure and honestly look forward to my morning skincare ritual.

Sun Milk Drops

I think it is an amazing product

Lightweight and silky

This Vitamin C serum is amazing! It feels lightweight and silky on the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving any residue. After I starting using this product my skin looked brighter and more even-toned. It also felt softer and more hydrated. I highly recommend this serum for anyone looking for a nourishing morning skin care product.

Holy grail

I feel like I have tried every mineral sunscreen under the sun and this is by far the best I have experienced. Lightweight, almost serum-like texture, feels nourishing and hydrating on the skin (not drying like many mineral ones I have tried), and rubs in so well with no white cast. And it looks SO PRETTY on my dressing table!


After being curious & reading about RAAIE decided to try & unfortunately am really disappointed. I am a daily ocean swimmer & so a good sunblock goes on my face as soon as I brush my teeth but this product is chalky, doesn't sit the best on my skin & gives it a white cast despite the tint which wasn't the right shade for my skin. I have to be honest & say I think it is over priced for what it is, the bottle is also clunky & lid keeps coming loose...I would prefer my money back as I am not going to use it & have opted for another but will be gong back to my trusty Skinnies.

Hi Rebekah, so sorry to hear the product didn’t work for you. You’re still within your 30 day return window so you can return the product for a full refund if you like? Just drop us an email at hello@raaie.co.nz and we can get that sorted for you ASAP. Warmest, Team RAAIE x

AM/ PM Set
Sally Meikle

AM/ PM Set

I love these products! They look beautiful on my shelf, are a joy to apply, and smell divine. I subconsciously touched my face on day 3or 4 and was surprised at how plump and smooth my skin felt. Feels like indulgent self care to apply and seeing the results lifts me too. Brightens my day!

AM/ PM Set
Katie Lau
Really pleased

I am so pleased with using RAAIE. I read about them in Vogue and was curious about all the other reviews so I took the plunge to try it and I am so glad I did. I have been using another cult NZ brand before that is good but seems to be focused a lot on the marketing side and I seem to have hit a plateau with that super popular brand...so I have been wanting to try another NZ brand that works. I am so glad I took the plunge. My skin was pretty good already but ever since using RAAIE, there is an undeniable glow that I experiencing. I have been sick with COVID but my friends remarked that I still had a glow in my skin despite being sick? I can only credit that to using this set. I have to say the Retinal was a bit too strong for me when I started but as I used it more, my skin eased into it and now I am using it every night off and on. I use the AM serum daily. I am recommending this brand to my mum because the glow is real. Very pleased with my purchase - really looking forward to other products (if there are any, fingers crossed!!!)

AM/ PM Set
Dianne Becroft
Duo Set

Beautiful product and lovely scent xx

Did not disappoint

I was sceptical about this product after hearing all the hype as I take sun protection very seriously & it seemed too good to be true. But I am blown away with the texture and how it feels on my skin. The mineral aspect was very appealing to me and the SPF has already proven its worth after spending a lot of time in the sun. Highly recommend!


For a mineral based spf this seems great, the peach tint certainly helps cut out any white cast. I’ve only used it twice so far but I’m happy with it


Can’t believe this is a mineral sunscreen. It doesn’t feel thick and heavy like all the other mineral sunscreens I’ve tried. I love this product. Also wears really nicely under make up - it doesn’t feel clumpy at all! And the packaging looks so pretty on my shelf. Obsessed.

So silly! So smooth!

AM/ PM Set
Sarah Jenkins
Genuinely works

I wanted to write this review because you see so many promises of results out there, but these two products have genuinely made a big difference to my skin. To the point where friends and family have commented on how good my skin looks. So proud that its a kiwi company making such good products when I have tried so many from overseas and they've not made the slightest difference. Anyway, highly recommend. Please don't stop making these. I am a customer for life.

Has not arrived

Has not arrived

Hi Deirdre, we have followed up with the courier company on your behalf and they have confirmed that the items will be with you today. Team RAAIE x

The BEST sunscreen I have tried

Honestly don’t think about buying this, just do it. I was using a chemical sunscreen that I was faithful to for years. It was so light so I didn’t think anything, especially a mineral sunscreen would compare. Until Raaie released the Milk Drops that is. OMG! The texture is incredible and the added blur is absolutely perfect!! I read a review that the bottle leaked when travelling - I have travelled with this product twice so far on aeroplanes with no issues. I actually cannot recommend this enough! Thank you the team at Raaie!!!

Best I've ever used

This is hands down the best SPF I've ever tried. It has a soft peach glow and my skin soaks it up straight away.
I often find sunblock can either be a bit chalky or greasy in my skin but this is neither. I'd highly recommend

Have never received the items

They have never been delivered , please track

Hi Deirdre, we have followed up with the courier company on your behalf and they have confirmed that the items will be with you today. Team RAAIE x