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Retinol Elixir

Like the serum lovely to apply and will await with interest the result!!

Hi Phillipa, thanks for your review! Keep us posted on how you’re going :)

Here is what you can expect in terms of timings for the results: 3-6 months is where you really start to see the seriously noticeable results (because the serum works at cellular level to boost collagen and thicken the deeper layer of skin where wrinkles begin to form). But many of our customers report seeing the firming, smoothing, instagram-filter effect much earlier! Let us know if you have any questions. Team RAAIE x


On my 2nd lot now and is absolutely amazing! Have recommended to everyone I know, the best thing for my skin I've come across in a very long time.

Morning Dew Vitamin C Serum
Phillipa Cummings
Vit C serum

Love it! Slides on beautifully and makes my face feel firmer and nourished.

AM/ PM Set
AM/PM set

I have been using for 3 weeks and have just noticed how great my skin looks..forehead lines really reduced and firmer all over. That was my WOW moment this morning..I've never used anything with such impressive results. I adore the bottles and the smell of the yellow beam elixir is my favourite! This is a stayer in my skincare routine for sure

Instant glow

I have to say it’s one of the best serums I have ever used. I love the instant glow and the benefits blemish smoothing, fine line reduction as well as the instant-firming properties/lift.

The best Vit c and customer service!

I originally purchased the vit c and retinal serum together as was so impressed by the ingredients list and Raaie’s simple ethos of using just two serums with everything your skin needs for aging. I experienced some irritation and thought the products didn’t suit my sensitive skin but the customer service team were amazing and refunded me as promised. After seeing my friend recently who had just been using the vit c , I had to buy again and was adamant to make it work as was envious of her super glowy complexion. I started out slow and and built up to everyday and now my skin is looking amazing. Stubborn sun damage and pigmentation is clearing and skin is looking glowy with reduced redness. No breakouts or irritation this time round. Very impressed and will continue to purchase and hopefully can incorporate the Retinal back into my routine soon too.. Thanks Raaie!

Round two results!

Loved these products the first time I had my hands on them. My skin got a little bit bumpy to start with, hang in there if this happens to you. Simple transition period while skin layers ‘do their thing’, resurfacing the right way. A gentle buff with a warm face cloth helped (facialist recommended this when I spoke to her about it). And then HELLO, Round Two GLOW … and all the compliments coming at me. Thanks for the glow, RAAIE x

BEST serum!

I am extremely picky with skincare, a lot of boxes to tick (ethical, sustainable, effective, safe and no strong scents). Raaie’s moonbeam ticks all the boxes. Feels so good on my skin, smells divine, leaves you dewy and fresh. I’ve been using this serum for over 6 weeks now (every second day) and I am blown away by the results. My skin is visibly tighter, even tone, pores less visible, sun spots faded and overall more bright. I am fortunate to have good skin naturally but years of sun exposure without sunscreen has done some damage and I am very surprised that this serum has started to reverse a lot of this damage. I did not expect results like this, let alone in such little time. Applying this has become a ritual for my evening routine. Love it and couldn’t recommend it enough.

I'm obsessed!

I'm onto my second bottles for both the Vitamin C and Retinal and can genuinely say these two products have changed my skin. I have fewer blemishes, a much more brighter and even skin tone and my skin just seems firmer. The retinal especially is so dreamy and feels luxurious to use. This was my first dip into any sort of retinal/ol and I had zero sensitivity or reaction, which I thought wouldn't be the case. Plus, the product goes really far as you only need a small pump. Feel like I've found my winning skincare routine and won't be changing any time soon!

Morning dew vitamin C

I was a bit hesitant about changing up my vitamin C from my usual one I purchase as my skin usually reacts to quite a few vitamin C serums so it’s hard to find one that won’t cause a reaction. Not only did this one not cause any reactions, it feels lovely to apply on the skin, drys fast and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky. I think it’s safe to say this in my new favourite vitamin C serum and will definitely be purchasing again as my regular serum

Vitamin C Serum

The best serum I have ever used. Use literally around eyes without any irritation at all. All other products I have used around my eyes irritate my eyes. So this is a winner.

LOVE Mountain Dew

I absolutely love this start to my mornings! This is my second time purchasing Morning Dew and I love how hydrated my skin feels after application. I also LOVE the botanical scent. Thank you!

AM/ PM Set
Game Changer

The best skincare I've ever used. I've been using the Vitamin C and the Retinal for a few months now and it's the best my skin has ever looked. Highly recommend

AM/ PM Set
Amy Walsh
Immediate Results

I highly recommend the AM/FM serum set. I had immediate results and can’t wait to see the long term benefits of using Raaie.

AM/ PM Set

I dont usually spend this much on skincare (hello nivea skin!) but it kept popping up everywhere and I just love the packaging.
A few weeks later I had TWO people comment on how good my skin looked. The retinal is making a huge difference.
Would eat beans for the rest of my life to keep my skin looking this good! x

In love

I hardly ever repurchase products because I am a product junkie and love trying new things, but I am now on my third bottle of this stuff. It is like a freaking instagram filter for your face - it's smoothed over everything and made my skin look amazing. Please never stop making this product!

Im waiting for magical reveal

I have dark spots yet they're not fading. I am maori and I was hoping for some results in 6wks.
Can you back your product for full refund, for customers if it's not showing results. Why is it so damn expensive, it's nz and those are products of the whenua.. you still have to buy moisturizer etc.. cmon!!

Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for trying our product. As you can see from the other reviews, most of our customers start seeing smoothing and firming results after just a few weeks. And our ingredients are clinically proven to show results after 12 weeks. Another big hallelujah moment happens after about three to six months of use (as per the notes on our website). This is because retinal works at a cellular level to boost collagen and thicken the deeper layer of skin where wrinkles begin to form, so long-term consistency is key for this product. When used longer than six months, you’ll start to benefit from new collagen & elastin production and a noticeable reduction of fine lines wrinkles and dark spots. However, everyone's skin is different which is why we offer a money back guarantee within 4 weeks of purchase. You sit outside the four week window, but we are happy to offer you your money back if you would like it. Let us know if you want to keep going or get your money back now.

Absolutely love this serum

Very smooth and easy to spread over the face, no sensitivity reaction at all ❤️ highly recommended!!!

Highly recommend

Both products are lovely - definitely can see the impact and love that’s it’s a NZ company! Both have become part of my daily skincare routine. Excited to see what else they’ll come out with.

AM/ PM Set
Rebecca Davidson
It really works!

I am 2 weeks in to using both the Morning Dew and Yellow Moon Bean serums and can honestly say I have noticed a difference already! My skin is brighter, clearer, and feels softer. I've tried a few different serums over the past few years and have never noticed such a beneficial effect as quickly or as effective as RAAIE. Plus the packaging is next level beautiful! Thank you!

AM/ PM Set
Sophie Mowday

After using Raaie for about a month, I have already noticed a change in my skin - it has a fresh glow and feels like it has been given a rejuvenating lift. Highly recommend!

AM/ PM Set
Pam Joseph

Both are amazing I’m so happy with the improvement in my skin…,it’s only been a few weeks

Great product

To be honest I was a little skeptical of the Yellow Moonbeam Retinal Elixir but I bought it anyway ! I’m very glad I did .. I can honestly say the texture and look of my skin has improved ..it’s softer, younger looking and looks healthier . I will be buying more once this bottle runs out ..I just wish it was in a more eco friendly container , that’s my only negative comment

Hi Susie, thanks so much for trying our product and for your lovely review. On the sustainability point: the bottles are refillable. We don’t do at home refills as the active ingredients (that give you the results) are sensitive to light and oxygen. So we prefer to refill your product in the lab. To return, you just email collections@raaie.co.nz when you have 3 or more bottles, and we will arrange a free collection. We will give you a 20% off code on your next order as a thank you. Alternatively, you can drop any number of bottles into one of our retailers.

AM/ PM Set
Two Weeks in and Loving it

I'm a product junkie and couldn't resist trying the AM/PM Set. I am 63 years old and I've been using it for only two weeks. Already I can see it has already made a visible difference to the texture of my skin. I have mild Rosacea and the AM/PM set has not caused a flare up.
This is a definite 'buy again' product.
It is a little pricey but if it works, its worth it.

RAAIE Morning Dew Vit C Serum

Beautiful product
Leaves skin dewy and smooth
Love soft fragrance