We really love this planet - it’s the only one we’ve got, so we are 100% committed to not messing it up for our children. It is estimated that 87% of plastic packaging will end up in landfill and this will sit there for over 100 years for our children’s children to deal with. We want to make decisions now that will reduce the impact on their planet.

But let’s be real - we are a consumer-packaged goods company. Our customers want the products they get to be clean, and the ingredients to be active and get results.

Our sustainability mission is to develop smart, creative solutions that span across packaging, carbon footprint, ethical sourcing, and non-toxic ingredients.

 For our customers this means they know the products have been consciously formulated while still delivering the best, most effective, most luxurious skincare out there.


RAAIE uses a refillable glass packaging system. Our caps are currently plastic but we are working on a better solution for our second phase launch. For now, the best option is for us to collect and refill your bottles

Free bottle collection + 20% off incentive
We will collect your used bottles for free and offer you a 20% discount on your next order to incentivise the recycling programme. Simply email when you have 3 or more bottles ready for collection.


We do everything we can to source materials that are both safe for the planet and safe for the person. We also ensure our ingredients are sustainably produced, have a low impact on the land, and are easily regenerated.

For example, in marine algae harvesting, our suppliers follow Tikanga Māori - a strict, traditional harvesting practice of the indigenous people of New Zealand. By using this time proven approach, we harvest our ingredients without compromising our environmental and social responsibilities. This respectful approach means we can offer high potency natural bioactives whilst respecting the land and water that the ingredients came from.


Producing any consumer product creates carbon. Greenhouse gas emissions released through human activity are responsible for climate change, causing an unprecedented rise in temperature across our planet that affects nature, wildlife and every single one of us. We all have to make changes to lower our carbon (CO2) emissions. Reducing carbon and taking climate change action has never been more important.